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Linden grid account jane.ocello Port of origin Logan Interplanetary Travel Port Boston, MA
Family name Ocello Personal name Jane
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Albany - New Yourk, United States, Earth Date of birth 1921 - 09 - 01
Education and work history Private tutors 1930-1943
Correspondence college 1943-1948
Harvard School of Finance 1951-1959

*No work record found
** Multiple philanthropic endeavors on file
Genetic modifications Multiple procedures to halt or slow the effects of aging, multiple transplants to replace failing organs. *A number of procedures marked as still under trial. Synthetic modifications Artificial knees, hips, partial wrist reconstruction, pace maker, spinal support, cognitive signal repeater (to combat alzheimers) Reason for immigrating No connection to the place she formerly lived and future medical expense may be high even before the cost of travel. Biography ***Background check of applicant Jane Ocello to follow***
The only child of a modestly well off family in New York state, her family increased it's wealth substantially during prohibition. Having means now her family moved to New York City and began to try and climb the social ladder. Jane for her part was treated to an education few women in her time could hope to enjoy. The primary focus of her education was finance and investment, and while her mother and father had been fairly good with such things Jane would go on to surpass them.  She has since turned her families wealth into a substantial fortune and she herself into a much sought after socialite for several decades. As age began to show its face Jane utilized the most advanced medical procedures of her time to combat it, slowing her aging or at least the visible signs of it. Over the years this has grown less and less effective as she is now many years past a natural life span. Recent medical reports show that she is in fact dying and has an expectance of 8 years at the most, additionally her body cannot take any more biological transplants. Artificial reconstruction now seems to be her only option.
***End of file***
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