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Linden grid account kendota Port of origin Mars Spaceport
Family name Tanassian Personal name Kendota Middle name(s) Aleksandrof
Affiliated organization Tanassian Freight
Place of birth Mars City, Mars Date of birth 1993-06-01
Education and work history I was educated by station elementary school, and then home study on board my Parent's freighter, took the University exam from Mars Station at 17,  been hauling freight for  the family business since I was 18, owned the business since I was 20. Genetic modifications Lung augmentation Reason for immigrating Hoping to re-locate to a more profitable colony Biography Born on Mars and raised there until I was 12, then spent most of my youth aboard ship, except for short periods planet side on Mars.
My parents ran a freighter ship hauling ore from the asteroid belt, and as I grew older, I helped out as I could.
Avid reader, decent mechanic. Pretty fair pilot, too, if you ask me.
I enjoy actually cooking when I have the chance and can afford the ingredients.
LOVE to party.
last updated: 2016-11-05 11:55:46
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