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Linden grid account sammy.han Port of origin Chrysee station, Mars
Family name Han Personal name Samantha
Affiliated organization None ( Previously US-DARPA / Japan defense Agency Special Pojects)
Place of birth Hiroshima, Japan,Earth Date of birth 1978 - 08-06
Education and work history BS: computer Sciences: Rice university, USA
MS: Computer Science: Fukoka University , JPN
Ph.D: Com Sci AI development and theory, Fukoka Univ, JPN

Fukoka University Computer Sciences Lab
Japanese Defense Agency / US-DARPA Joint project < Classified>
Killed in accident 2009

Synthetic modifications KDR K-100 Prototype Android chassis, modified for organic AI ( Updated to K-500 benchmark) Biography
last updated: 2016-11-05 11:59:37
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