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Linden grid account larian.raleigh Port of origin New York, United States, Earth
Family name Rothburne Personal name Sloan Middle name(s) Anne Marie
Affiliated organization The Culture Society of Eisa
Place of birth New York, United States, Earth Date of birth 1990-07-09
Education and work history Most of Sloan's education was done at the hands of private institutes. Even her last few years of high school were met out in a private setting while on Eisa. University was something she attended, but her academic prowess was nothing to write home about. Her "work history," if it can even be called such, has consisted of philanthropic ventures and a lackluster career as a socialite complete with all of the scandal of one. Her days are spent at social gatherings, volunteering for causes she has deemed worthy, and otherwise relaxing. Her nights are nearly exclusively saved for the club scene or soirees. Genetic modifications n/a Synthetic modifications n/a Reason for immigrating Family immigrated in 2007, during the first boom of upper class citizens. Biography Sloan's upbringing was posh, quiet, and comfortable. It wasn't until 2007 that her family moved from their Manhattan home to Eisa, following the promise of being a part of something much larger (and profitable) than what they already had on Earth. Her father, Jonathan Rothburne, pulled a portion of his business with him, setting himself up among his contacts on Eisa as a financial broker to the wealthy and the corporate. Sloan, in her teenage years, reaped the benefits of her father's success, unaware of the politics that surrounded her. As she grew older, the fanciful haze that surrounded her existence has been rubbed thin, leaving her evermore entrenched in her status and family's precarious hold on their life of luxury.
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