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Linden grid account sable.rhiadra Port of origin Mars
Family name Scarlett Personal name Harper
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems
Place of birth Utopia Planitia, Mars Date of birth 1989-06-06
Education and work history Employment History
Tai Yong Labs - Synthetic Resources Administrator - 2 years
Tai Yong Labs is a leading producer of quasi-autonomous drone servitors for a variety of market sectors. Duties included:
- Social baselining of drones in a 'club' environment
- Matching prospective customers with available entertainment units
- Assisting technical lab procedures

Helman + Meller - Paralegal - 2 years
Helman + Meller provide contract and employment law services to business and citizens in the grand metropolitan area. Duties included:
- Negotiating severance and tribunal settlements for employees and businesses
- Researching and preparing suit for court
- Preparation of notarised documents and agreements for wills, custody, paternity, etc.

Jens van Hafen University - Psychology with Law
Major course units:
Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Group Processes, Social Psychology, Neurosciences, Testing and Measurement, Psychology of Women, Psychology of Memory, Perception, Learning & Behavior, and Theories of Personality

Hofstetter European School - International Baccalaureate
A program of learning covering Science, European languages and History.
Genetic modifications Alpha gene therapy for standard heritable conditions and cancer invulnerability. Synthetic modifications Remnants of TYL control lace in skull Reason for immigrating Adventure! Building the dream of Utopia Biography The number of human people that would remember the woman known as Sable Rhiadra are unlikely to come across her at the labs. 
Computer searches and other grid access seems to have no trace of Sable existing.

Harper Scarlett is a dilettante. She travels around, seeking new experience and dreaming of actually having a worthy patron publish some of her written works. That said, the market for noir fiction has declined of late.

Ember^WHarper is an enthusiastic administrator with good communication skills. She has experience of personnel law in many jurisdictions and personal interest in psychology and management behaviour theory.

She has a reputation as a tweaker, favouring biosculpts and other modifications for changing fashion. She looks a bit elf-y at the moment.
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