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Linden grid account briellawilliams.resident Port of origin Tyria
Family name Jackson Personal name Opal Middle name(s) Marie
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Rome, Italy, Earth Date of birth 1994-05-27
Education and work history 2nd year med student
honored for outstanding clinical contributions to nanite technology
Awarded degree  in microtechnology at the age of 20
Genetic modifications For 16th birthday, Parents granted one genetic surgery, giving the iris a starburst pattern. Synthetic modifications skin, controller, forehead icon Reason for immigrating Parental political envoy. travelling with them Biography Born to a wealthy family, Opal was sent to the finest boarding schools and received top honors, even though she was a wild child. Knowing her parents were on Eisa, as they were there lobbying against robot rights, she decided to come for a visit and see what kind of fun the colony had.
She had heard of a hot club there called Wondaland and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

After a long night of partying with her best friend, she stumbles from Wondaland, headed back to the embassy. Upon awakening, about a week later, she is in a lab, her body being put back together by a repair bot. She soon learns that she has become more than she was, and the one thing her parents hated, a biomechanical human.
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