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Linden grid account jesfre Port of origin Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA
Family name Hope Personal name Jillian
Affiliated organization Regula Robotics
Place of birth New York, USA, Earth Date of birth 1985-05-19
Education and work history Education:
M.S., Robotics, 2006, MIT
MD, New York School of Medicine, 2013

Intern, Hopeful Labs (2004-2006)
-Assisted scientists with assembling of bots and conversion processes.
-Paperwork. lots of paperwork.
-Interviewed test subjects.

Robotics Developer III (2006-2008)
-Studied Gynoids and their structures.
-Wrote case studies on the effects of Gynoids in human society.
-Made custom schematics for laboratories.

New York School of Medicine (2008-Current)
-Research how Nanites and other tech can improve humanity.
-Studied at the college to gain an MD, completed in 2015.
-Sent abroad to discover new ways of using technology to make human lives better.
Genetic modifications Originally Human, now fully synthetic. Synthetic modifications Fully Sythetic. Reason for immigrating Close proximity to NS headquarters for interviews and potential meetings. Biography Born in a scientific family, Jillian grew up around technology. While her parents did their best to give her a rounded education, Jillian grew to embrace science and technology, and could never stop modifying and tinkering.

During her Junior year in med school, her family died in a tragic accident - although she knows there's more to the story.

Now, trying to focus on the future, she took an offer from the school after graduation to go abroad, to Eisa, to find a way in to NS and assist in trans-human research, if it was available there.

Her colleagues and friends say she is quiet and reserved, always seeming to be lost in thought.

As of February 16, 2017, Jill was tragically involved in a landing accident in a cargo bay. Unit S4pphire concluded that Jillian was dead, and proceeded to fully convert her body and install a copy of Jillian's core persona files into XSU unit 712-54-2918. Jill does not know what happened to her bodily.
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