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Linden grid account vincentantony.renierd Port of origin Hoboken, New Jersey
Family name Reinhardt Personal name Vincent Middle name(s) Antony
Affiliated organization Fairley Corporation; HARDtech Branch - RDX Division
Place of birth San Francisco, United States, Earth Date of birth 1977-08-28
Education and work history High School Graduate
No college education

Small business jobs (Eckerson's Grocery - Stocking, Check-Out; Windy Harbor Inn - Housekeeping)
Large business jobs (Gregory & Sons Law Firm - Clerical work; West Brookside Bank - Security)

Formerly "employed" by HARDtech Corporation's domestic servant program
Genetic modifications [IN-PROGRESS; PENDING] Synthetic modifications Full-body synthetic chassis. Only the front of head, brain and spine are organic. Reason for immigrating Former property of a domestic servant company on Earth, he earned freedom; had nowhere to go and wanted a new start. Biography [[ INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS CLASSIFIED ]]

______begin transcript._

Born in 1977 in Västerås, Sweden, as Vincent Antony Reinhardt, his parents were Septimus Antony Reinhardt and Annabelle Marie Lexington. His father was the child of immigrants from Germany. His mother was from a family born in Sweden who intermarried with an American soldier. His father was killed in the line of duty, and later his mother lost her life to illness. His uncle took custody of him at 14 years of age, following his mother's death.

When he turned 18, Vincent moved out on his own to the United States, into the city of Aspen, Colorado, and into a small studio apartment. He took various small jobs, and attempted to enroll in numerous colleges. However, his poor grades in High School following the deaths of his parents made attempting to earn a scholarship borderline impossible. Unable to pay for college on his own, he continued seeking employment wherever possible. He lived there in comfort until he was 23 years of age.

December of 2000 marked the end of his ordinary, boring "same old, same old" life. The winter weather was particularly bad this year. The roads were icy, with fresh, wet snow falling that night. While on his way home from a grocery run, he was in what should have been a fatal accident. As luck had it, the hard work of the local hospital staff on call that evening saw him resuscitated and placed on life support. Having his car totaled with him in it, however, meant his legs were permanently paralyzed, and he had lost most of his motor function due to brain injury suffered in the crash. Brain damage was also responsible for the loss of his sight, and the eventual paralysis of his throat muscles, rendering him unable to swallow or speak. With mounting expenses, confined to a hospital bed and unable to speak or see, eventually Vincent was approached by a nurse inquiring if he'd like to seek aid from companies to help pay for his expenses, and potentially help fund cybernetic technology to repair the parts of him which were permanently damaged. He agreed. The representative who came to speak with him, however, took advantage of his inability to see, and did not disclose certain sections of the fine print to him.

Two years later, Vincent had his sight back, could speak again, and had new prosthetic legs and arms. He had completed physical therapy, and the damaged parts of his brain were repaired with a cortex peripheral linked up to his arms and legs. The new level of manual dexterity he experienced was unparalleled in any human. For the first time, he was happy. Capable of hiking, snowboarding, driving, walking his dogs and exercising again, Vincent's new lease on life was a blessing.

Or so he thought.

HARDtech, at the time owned by Brian T. Addams, was beginning to collect on debts owed to them by hundreds of patients who had suffered similar extensive injuries as Vincent, and it wasn't long before they came to collect on his as well. Thanks to a carefully hidden loophole in their Terms and Conditions that managed to fit within United States laws regarding insurance companies, they were legally able to issue their threat: come work for us, or we will repossess the technology we paid for.

Terrified of the thought of being plunged back into the personal hell he had managed to escape, Vincent agreed. He came to work for HARDtech at their main facility. He would soon learn that what they meant by 'working for them' was far more sinister. With
Rendered effectively immortal so long as his systems were kept in order, Vincent, now 95% cybernetic with only the front of his head, brain and spine left intact and renamed V-3657 or "LIONHEART", now served HARDtech as their main attraction and live-in servant, occasionally rented out to those who could afford the steep price. But always, HARDtech slipped below the radar, avoiding detection by government officials who would have seized the technology used to give Vincent a new life. It was not until 30 years later that HARDtech finally slipped up, and their operation was brought to not only public attention, but government attention. An investigation spanned almost two and a half years, uncovering many victims of failed attempts to fuse cybernetic technology with human flesh in the form of a mass graveyard beneath the compound, filled with mutilated human remains. Vincent and three others were the sole survivors of the conversion attempts. A trial that lasted a little over a year deemed Vincent and those three other survivors to be human on the basis of having an organic brain and human consciousness, and they were set free in early 2015.

Vincent, having only the clothes on his back, and the money afforded to him from HARDtech's trial, sought a new lease on life, and his sights were set on Eisa, where he, Lionheart, dreamed of a life of peace after so many years of hardship.
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