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Linden grid account slindetha Port of origin New York
Family name Personal name Slindetha
Affiliated organization Self employed bounty hunter
Place of birth New York Date of birth 1990-10-15
Education and work history High School drop out

Worked in a variety of dead end jobs before discovering she had a talent for bounty hunting.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Limited Controller Reason for immigrating Work Biography Slin is a bounty hunter. She has a natural talent for predicting the movements and behaviours of units. Whenever Nanite Systems posts lists of serial numbers of those units marked as rogue she heads out to track them down and collect her pay. Though not an official member of NanoSec, she has close links with the organization. She is fitted with a limited version of an NS scout controller. It allows her to keep in contact with the central unit registry and utilise advanced ATOS shields and weaponry.
last updated: 2018-05-25 14:10:09
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