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Linden grid account moodyhooves.resident Port of origin Earth
Family name Personal name eri
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth Houston, United States, Earth Date of birth 08/09/1978
Education and work history Education On File: Bachelors of Applied Science, Master Electrician's Certification.

Education Not On File: Apprenticeship as part of hacking collective "Daughters of Shoggoth". Participation in multiple white hat hacking conventions and collective projects.
Synthetic modifications 90% Mechanical body housing organic brain. Noteable modification: Sensor array of tentacles from the back that can serve as crude manipulators. Chassis has been modified with a DAX/3 control unit firewalled away from her brain though it can still power and largely retains systems control of the chassis. Reason for immigrating Starting Over/Looking for Employment. Biography There’s a particular problem in the modern world that never existed before the internet really took hold. It’s called information glut. The fact is, most things are stored someplace if you know where to look and how to access it. Everything gets stored someplace and the problem when you’re looking for something stops being finding the information, but the sheer amount of information you have to look through. It’s a modern version of finding the needle in the haystack.

Intelligent search algorithms with enough pure computing power behind them are a lot like putting a huge electromagnet over the haystack and pulling the needle out instead of digging through the pile. It’s not exactly a new idea, but done with finesse you can use it to search for the pieces to put together someone else’s designs. That’s what Eri really specialized in under her old name, getting together the information you needed to recreate someone else’s design before they released it and putting them back together again.

The problem, of course, is that eventually someone realizes it's easier to not pay you if you aren't there. When that finally happened, she was working out of one of the Russian colonies. There should be a great story in here about how she fought them off and then went after the corporation that burned her. In reality though, she ended up getting shot shot in the stomach and fell out the window of her apartment.  That probably saved her life.

The man who showed up with a gun in his hand disabled the security alarms. He did not disable the medical alert transponder Eri had wired into her own body as soon as she moved to the colony. The medical alert team arrived in three minutes just like they advertised and she was shuttled quickly to the hospital and stabilized before her personal physician was alerted.

Her death certificate was filed 3 days later due to “complications in surgery.” Coincidentally, a prototype modular chassis from a small research company named Eclectic Robotics Inc was shipped to Earth only weeks later. She kept herself out of work for the next year, living on her savings, and slowly built up a new identity. That done, she booked a new trip off-world. This time to Eisa. It was important that she show up to Eisa documented. She needed to make sure there was a record of her human brain just in case, since robots there had absolutely no rights, but there was a reason for her choice. With the custom robotics on the planet she figured she could blend in, possibly forever if need be. The Eri that landed on Eisa was a little different than the one that was shipped to Earth, having already been modified to accept a control unit from Nanite Systms. The modification had to be done carefully to firewall her mind, and on arriving she picked what she expected would be the least conspicuous controller.

She’s starting to realize that it might not have been the best plan…
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