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Linden grid account roxastripp Port of origin Mars
Family name McKenzie Personal name Madison
Affiliated organization Violet Sky Underground Organization (Secretly)
Place of birth London, England, Terra/Earth Date of birth 1993-11-05
Education and work history Education

City of London School for Girls
Bristol University BA in Robotics/Systems Administration

Work History

Atsuko Kudo (Sex Shop Worker)
NS - Consumer Products Division
Genetic modifications None.....for now Synthetic modifications None.....for now Reason for immigrating Got a job with NS in their Consumer Products Division Biography Madison McKenzie was born to Albert and Joanna McKenzie in London November the fifth 1993 and came out a healthy baby girl born into a middle class family. Her father worked as a prosecutor for the city of London and her mother was a stay at home mother so, while she did not get to see her father very often she had a loving relationship with her mother whom she still to this day cherishes. Her parents despite being middle class constantly spoke of the plight of the lower class her father getting many cases of men and women who only resorted to crime out of desperation.  At the tender age of ten Madison gained her deep love of robots when one saved her from drowning when she fell into a lake. Despite the robots heroic actions it was later decommissioned for abandoning its post which, further cemented Madison's urge to help robots and the poor.  Madison made it into an all-girls boarding school but her father went bankrupt by the time she graduated but, luckily she was smart enough to get into Bristol University where she took on a double major of Robotics and System Administration.

To put money in her pockets she began to pirate movies, software, and games; in addition to working as a cashier and sales girl at a very prestigious London sex shop.  Despite her criminal activities she was never caught which, is only a testament to her hacking skill and her ability to remain under the radar of authorities.  Surprisingly to everyone but, herself soon after graduating got a job with NS in their Consumer Products Division which, required her to train on Mars before being shipped out. While, training on Mars she was seduced into pro-worker, pro-robot, and helping the poor movements which, she now secretly searches for now that she is on Eisa.  Hoping to work behind the scenes as it were to find out what NS was really doing behind locked doors and inside its labs figuring that if she worked for the enemy no one would suspect her.  She has yet to make contact with anyone in the Violet Sky Underground Organization but, eagerly awaits to join their ranks and fight for a cause she believes in with all her heart but, will belief and skill be enough?
last updated: 2015-08-02 03:22:21
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