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Linden grid account myrin19 Port of origin Guangzhou
Name MT-2p myr1n Model MT-256p Serial number 256-58-2857
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Micra-Tek Silicoids
Manufacturer Micra-Tek Yards Robotics and Nanomanufacturing Date of manufacture 2016-02-18
Reason for immigrating Field testing unit under off-Earth conditions. Biography Manufactured in the Micra-Tek main facility in Guangzhou, China, Micra-Tek Yards Run One Nanite unit, or myr1n for short, is Micra-Tek Silicoids' first venture into nanorobotics. It is a well known company secret that the myr1n unit operates for a large part on Nanite Systems software and even its chassis has been constructed based on reverse engineered Nanite Systems Robotics chassis models. This approach was chosen in part because, should the prototype be damaged in some fashion beyond repair, new chassis can more economically be constructed to continue testing.

Micra-Tek wishes to avoid any and all problems occurring when the company's units roll out for consumer release. It is for this reason, and unofficially in a large part due to the similarities with Nanite Systems products, that the decision was made to field-test myr1n at the Eisa colony. Nanite Systems support would be readily available should a malfunction of the unit occur, and hopefully any mishaps or glitches would have far less public impact, and backlash, than they would if occurring in the busy city of Guangzhou.

Prior to arrival on Eisa, myr1n was fully wiped and reprogrammed, and her personality is intended to be pleasant and agreeable. She has been equipped with extensive engineering knowledge, as Micra-Tek plans to market the new product as an engineering and general purpose robot, attempting to fill a niche left by other vendors. MT-256 units would be employed as general purpose and maintenance robots primarily on space ships and space stations, where they could provide support and assist with engineering mishaps.

The MT-256 controller integrated into myr1n's chassis is a new design, based heavily on reverse engineered Nanite Systems hardware and software. It is created with a carbon-fiber shell intended to act as a Faraday shield, so that the unit's sensitive circuitry is protected from most electrical fields, while simultaneously preventing similar fields generated by the controller from affecting external electronics that the unit may be maintaining or repairing.

Myr1n is "fresh off the boat" so to speak, in Eisa. She has been tasked with assisting the general population, conducting maintenance and maintaining herself. She is regularly monitored by Micra-Tek engineers arriving on Eisa, in order to ensure their prototype is functioning properly, and, most importantly, to collect data on her behavior and experiences.
last updated: 2017-02-20 17:24:51
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