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Linden grid account reiisha.chau Port of origin Europa
Family name Sudjarwadi Personal name Reiisha
Place of birth Batam, Indonesia, Earth Date of birth 1994-12-29
Education and work history Primary education finished on Earth. Secondary education on Mars.

Practical study in engineering on Mars, with an accelerated university program in mechanical engineering.
Genetic modifications No special modifications aside from a chromosome swap. Synthetic modifications Eyes, arms (above the elbow), legs (below the knee). Part of the ribcage replaced with synthetic bones. Left lung and heart replaced by synthetic organs. Reason for immigrating Avoiding a rather uncomfortable situation within the SOL system. Biography (( WIP! ))

Born on earth, emigrated to Mars with the parents due to a job offer concerning their considerable expertise on Mars, in the final stages of establishing the colony.

Education finished on Mars - Not many students yet, but due to the population present the quality of it was top notch, finishing as a fully qualified mechanical engineer.

At that point still a man, he was almost immediately 'volunteered' for an experimental procedure in the medical facilities. Refusal was not an option per the contract the parents signed at the time, causing a fallout within the family. The genetic modification was performed and 'she' emerged in a nearly perfect state.

After a month of observation and rehabilitation to a new body she emigrated to Europa, where mechanical engineers were in high demand due to rapid expansion into the rich seabeds below the ice.  The wild west style of local daily life caused problems fairly quickly, with a mafia forming under the surface.

An accident nearly cost her her life. During calibrations of a life support subsystem involving very high pressures her body was badly maimed, part of her left torso having needed replacement - While skin and other tissues were readily available or could be regrown, facilities for further organic replacements were not available.  Without insurance though, nothing could be done, but the mafia stepped in and saved her life.

Synthetic replacements were installed for her lungs, heart and part of her ribcage. Due to an onset of necrosis before the procedure could be properly started, arms, legs and eyes also needed replacements.

The mafia did expect some returns for this, but tensions rose and she managed to catch the first transport off the moon, which happened to be headed to Eisa.
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