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Linden grid account naquadrea Port of origin Unknown base located somewhere in the rings of Saturn
Family name Nedal Personal name Naquadrea
Affiliated organization The Society
Place of birth Mars Central City, Mars Date of birth 1987-12-12
Education and work history Core Central University of Mars,
Masters of Deep Space Rock Analyses
Masters of Bio Diversity and Applied Bio Engineering
With a minor in Microscopic organisms

Spent 5 years on a privately funded Science Ship named the Hephaestus doing studies of Saturn's rocks for a private company interested in the potential of micro-organisms to extend the life of individuals by means of genetic modifications.
Genetic modifications Eyes, Nose, Ears, modified to withstand harsh environments such as but not limited to temperature extremes, radiation, and two hours in a vacuum without a suite. Reason for immigrating Landed here after damage was taken while leaving the rings and the belt. Looking to lay low and hide out. Biography   Naquadrea grew up on the streets of central city; days were long and nights longer as he was always fighting to survive and make a living. One day wiliest braking into the home of a rather prominent business man, the security tried to catch him but he managed to elude all the security guards. Not once but three times he stole from this man each time the security guards and security measures got better and better till one day by sheer luck Naquadrea was caught.

The man knowing an opportunity when he saw one decided to cut the kid a brake but at a price. The man would give the kid whatever he asked for within reason and a place to stay, but he had to undergo a modification procedure and steal for this business man. Naquadrea did, and with the help of this business man, was put through only the finest schools and universities and was given a rather generous bank account. Fast forward many years, and Naquadrea still working for this now even wealthier and well known man, is working in the asteroid belts when he gets a call from a long time contact.

  His contact tells him of a base that is doing unethical Projects with animal human hybrids and knowing Naquadreas ability to get past security and guards’ asks for his assistance with getting them out. Naquadrea brakes in, and manages to help get them out but one managed to get over looked when the rest left the rescue ship, and was left behind. when he woke up, he decided to stay behind and was taught basic maintains skills.
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