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Linden grid account ariaharrington Port of origin Landing, Sylva
Family name Ton'Etheral Personal name Aria Middle name(s) Hring
Affiliated organization Rand McNally Intergalactic
Place of birth Seattle, United States of America, Earth Date of birth 1988-08-10
Education and work history Great Sylvan University, Landing.
Bachelors of Arts and Science, major in Interstellar Navigation. Class of '09

Rand McNally Intergalactic:
Ensign, RMI Project Eternity

Second Lt., Navigation Officer, RMI Unexpected Success

First Lt., Executive Officer, RMI Asymptotal Horizon

Captain, Commanding Officer, RMI Audacious
Genetic modifications Digestion of natural Sylvan flora and fauna, Elven appearance. Synthetic modifications Externally-mounted lens-based ocular enhancers (Glasses) Reason for immigrating Assigned to Eisa as a staging base from which cartography missions will be launched. Biography
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