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Linden grid account kris.armitage
Family name Armitage Personal name Kris
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Houston, USA, Earth Date of birth 1988-10-02
Education and work history Advance degrees in Microbiology and Education, Ph.D in Planetary Biology. No work history due to files being classified by Planetary governments, she has worked for. Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications XSU controller, Cybereyes, Horns, various implants due to severe damage to the body Reason for immigrating Seeking a new home to escape her past Biography Daughter of a wealthy shipping owner, found herself staring at the barrel of a gun, then waking up at Nanite Systems on Eisa. She was the target of an assassin who was trying to show his/her contractor that something needed to be done to get her father to move illegal product across the galaxy. Kris woke up during surgery to come to find out she was being repaired into a cyborg unit, she managed to tell the doctors not to take her memories away due to the nature of her unfortunite near death with the assassin. She woke several hours later implanted with technology she heard of but never seen. She was given a new identity on her own, to hide if her assassin was looking for her. Came across in her wanderings the Companion Guild House on Eisa and proceeded to learn from their members. Kris hopes to find her assassin and bring them to justice.
last updated: 2017-01-29 19:13:27
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