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Linden grid account spiritled Port of origin no official port of origin
Family name LED Personal name spirit
Affiliated organization none
Place of birth Saturn Date of birth 1992-03-02
Education and work history no official education history

no official work history
Genetic modifications human animal hybrid "furry" Reason for immigrating seeking work opportunities Biography Located  among the rings of Saturn a secret facility fueling genetic research and experimentation orbits the planet. Among the many unethical projects overseen here, a test group of human animal hybrids have been created by the Life Engineering Department (LED). These test-tube babies have seen little else but the inside of the compound. Education mostly neglected to keep them under control, the hybrids' main experience is mental and physical testing to determine if they have any superior qualities to mere humans, such as improved strength, problem solving skills, or other unique abilities. The bulk of the research revolves around creating naturally subservient creatures that can outperform in battlefield scenarios. One of these hybrids, referred to as "Spirit," comes from this batch of experiments.

A raid on the compound by other hybrids and hybrid-sympathizers saw the escape of almost all the creatures in captivity. Spirit, injured in the raid, recalls only bits and pieces of his rescue. He has been traveling with another human animal hybrid and has been trained in basic maintenance of the ship he is passenger to. His rescuer, Naq, has taken it upon himself to educate Spirit to help him reach his full potential, but how Spirit's youth, genetics, and new life as a pseudo-fugitive will blend remains to be seen.

From the few tests Spirit has allowed Naq to perform, it has been discovered that Spirit experiences synesthesia and has a heightened immune system. Naq plans to do more tests to discover any other unusual strengths or weaknesses.
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