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Linden grid account dyveke.biberman Port of origin Indianapolis
Family name Story-Ellison Personal name Dyveke
Affiliated organization Former Owner-New Saga Genetics
Place of birth Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America, Earth Date of birth 1985-09-15
Education and work history Home Schooled
BS in Genetics from Butler University
MS in Genetics from Indiana University
PhD in Nanorobotics and Genetics from Purdue University

Founded New Saga Genetics in Indianapolis due to influence from Eli Lilly.
Genetic modifications Anthropomorphic lioness Synthetic modifications Cybernetic eyes Reason for immigrating Starting a new office of New Saga Genetics on Eisa. Also to be closer to main supplier of nanites. Biography From a young age Dyveke had loved lions. Her parents were part of the project that perfected genetic modification. During trials for the procedure, they tried to enhance Dyveke with Lion DNA, but things didn't go quite as planned. She came out as an anthropomorphic lioness.
With her upbringing and wanting to know why her change happened, she dived in and ended up with her PhD in genetics rather quickly. With the recent commercial push of nanites, she saw them as a key to a quick and easier way to modify a persons DNA than the current methods. She founded New Saga Genetics , the first to be approved to use nanites, as a way to make genetic modifications more available to the general public.  With expansion into Eisa, this is a way for New Saga to be closer to its primary supplier of nanites.

On 3-2-15 she was the victim of a freak lab accident involving nanites. To save her life, she was converted. See http://eisa.rhetori.ca/?id=153 for more details. Because of her conversion, she lost all rights to ownership of New Saga Genetics. After a temporary receivership, her then boyfriend Cyron Senrade took ownership of New Saga Genetics and her.
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