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Linden grid account dashx.nemeth Port of origin UNNSF Regional Headquarters at Amalthea Moon, Mainland Station
Family name Nemeth Personal name Dash
Affiliated organization Underground
Place of birth American Colony, Ludmila district, Moon Date of birth 1982/01/28
Education and work history 1999 -  Entered Military Technical Corps Academy of  Aoede District.

2006 - Graduated as Engineer and commissioned as First Lieutenant  at Ludmila's Kallisto-II orbital station.

2009 - Promoted to Major after the Nanite virus incident where his reverse engineering hacking skills helped to save many lives and secured critical  A - F  integrity grid zones preventing infected Nanite Robots from self destructing.

2015 - Deserted the Corps after ignoring the disposal order of several Nanite illegal Robots regarded as highly unstable at Moon-IX interplanetary spaceport. He and many Nanites escaped and it is rumored that he joined the Underground ranks. He is currently regarded as a civil threat by the Syndicate and Society. Many Nanites are aiding him on his deeds.

2016 - It is believed that he is planning a Nanite rebellion with the aid of the underground and his own loyal  Nanites.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Has a sub-dermal Electromagnetic Mind Decoder Receptor installed on the back of his head. Reason for immigrating UNNSF classified tactical reasons. Biography Born at Moon colony, Ludmila district.  His parents were Captain Anne Lindsey Nemeth and Major John Austin Nemeth.
Both parents died on duty when he was at the age of 10 year-old on a classified mission at Mars Pascia-II  and was raised by several Nanite servants until he reached the age of 18 year-old.

He devised a new way for his servants to teach and tutor him. It is called the Electromagnetic Mind Decoder Transmission also known as EMDT. That technique of learning turned his mind into whats is called a singularity state but he can only use that ability for a short time period due to severe mental stress, which could eventually lead to a permanent cease of mental functions and clinical death.

He has developed affective feelings towards the servant Nanites that raised him and regarded them as his second family. He never heard about his servant Nanites again after he enrolled at the  military academy at the age of 18 year-old.

Currently searching for his servant Nanites around the galaxy while serving the underground and helping other Nanites reach their own freedom.

He believes that there is an unclear boundary in top down AIs.  And when that boundary is passed you cant really regard a Nanite as a Non-living being.

Commanding General  of UNderground Nanite Secret Forces. Also Known as UNNSF.

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