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Linden grid account alessandra.blackheart Port of origin London, United Kingdom, Earth
Family name Alaoui Personal name Aleya Middle name(s) Eugénie
Affiliated organization The Culture Society of Eisa
Place of birth Casablanca, Morocco, Earth Date of birth 1993-07-05
Education and work history École de la Couture Parisienne, Paris, Earth.
Diploma of Fashion Management. (2011-14)

Royal College of Government, London, Earth.
Masters of Arts in Fiction and Entertainment. (2015-17)

Space 21 Apparel :
2010 - 2014,
Model, HOWTOSPACE fashion campaign
Model, Codename_X fashion campaign
Model, BoWow fashion campaign

Alaoui Industries:
2015 - Present
Associate Director, Department of Entertainment and Entrainment

Genetic modifications Barbie™ genetic modification: enhanced lips, breasts, posterior Synthetic modifications None so far Reason for immigrating Assigned to a study mission in Eisa, to observe and learn the management and running of Nanite Systems. Biography The future heiress to Alaoui Industries, a large yet relatively obscure conglomerate operating in North Africa, fully owned by the Moroccan royal family.  Being born into the royal family, she has only known a pampered life in luxury, surrounded by the clothes, toys and gadgets. At the age of 18,  she decided to follow her mother's footsteps and moved to Paris to become a fashion model for one of the largest Earth fashion retailers, Space 21. To complement her modelling job, she decided to undertake a diploma in fashion management, hoping to one day work with fashion designers to venture out into interplanetary fashion.  After graduating in 2014, she received news of a succession plan for her family's conglomerate and decided to learn more about covert governmental control tactics via a course in Fiction and Entertainment, with the aim to apply the knowledge back home. Recently, she has been assigned on a study mission to Eisa by her father, who wishes her to learn about the operation and management methods of Nanite Systems.
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