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Linden grid account spiderlaressa.resident Port of origin Orbital station X4353
Family name Spindeline Personal name Laressa
Affiliated organization Stellar Fashions
Place of birth Edinburgh, Scotland, Earth Date of birth 1991-05-22
Education and work history Standard high school education
Degree in journalism
Apprenticeship in fashion/designwork
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Minor quality of life additions for long distance travel Reason for immigrating Work locale Biography Hailing from a relatively unknown place in the world, what had begun as a smalltime job as a fashionista journalist had spiralled further and further out as her choice in tastes, her ability to pick out attire and to explore the constantly evolving trends gave her an advantage in her line of work.  Soon she was being paid gross amounts of money simply to travel and find the next big 'in' thing, after proving herself time and time again.  Now she comes to Eisa, spurred on by the growing tastes in the fashion industry towards spacesuits and similar as a tool for fashion, though some of the 'choices' of people are causing her to become curiouser and curiouser, time will tell where this leads to.
last updated: 2017-02-23 21:40:57
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