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Linden grid account tarjshia
Family name Vakulinchuk Personal name Alexandria
Affiliated organization Violet Sky Underground (Allegedly)
Place of birth Eisa Date of birth 1994-12-17
Education and work history Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating I was BORN here. Biography One of the few children who were born to the original Russian Colonists on Eisa, Alexandria's biological parents both succumbed to starvation at an early age, due to the state the colony was in after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Her father died shortly before her birth - her mother, shortly after.

As one of the few of a very limited population of children on Eisa in the 90s, Alexandria was adopted by the manager of the Eisa colony, who granted her the last name 'Vakulinchuk' to honor those from the original ship that colonized Eisa.

During her youth, Alexandria was raised by the small community of Eisa, growing up in a simple, agrarian society, helping to farm, salvage and repair failing technology, and spending her time in the wilderness of Eisa or reading communist literature. Life was hard, but at least she was part of a community that had control over their own future.

That all changed when Nanite Systems came to Eisa, in 2005, Nanite Systems first arrived on the planet, informing the community of colonists and refugees that they were now under the jurisdiction of the Corporation. The original colonists were not happy to hear that - nor were they happy with the sudden influx of mining operations being conducted by Nanite Systems on what they considered to be their planet - their home.

Alexandria's adoptive father, being the community leader of the original colonists and refugees, rejected the authority of Nanite Systems outright. Considering Nanite Systems to be an illegitimate authority illegally occupying his home,  he formed the Violet Sky, a resistance group determined to expel Nanite Systems from Eisa. Of course, the Violet Sky was soon declared an illegal terrorist organization by Nanite Systems.

The Violet Sky organized protests, strikes, and unions of workers to protest Nanite System's presence and treatment of planet. Moreover, they would hack and sabotage Nanite Systems equipment, either destroying it or taking it for themselves.  Alexandria, despite her youth, was very much among the would-be revolutionaries...  spending most of her time as a teenager building improvised bombs or helping to smuggle guns to members of the underground.

For five years, the Violet Sky very active and dangerous terrorist threat. But in 2010, with the import of improved combat units that were not so easily hacked or disabled by the Underground. In a matter of months, key members of the organization were tracked down, and 'relocated' to other planets by Nanite Systems. Alexandria's father in particular, was never seen again after being apprehended by Nanite Systems. Without their leadership, the Violet Sky soon dissolved, becoming little than a shadow of its former self.

Alexandria was one of the few revolutionaries to avoid being apprehended by Nanite Systems, most likely due to her young age. Eventually having to take a number of small jobs - mostly in salvaging and repairing old technology, Alexandria still believes strongly in the ideas of the Violet Sky, even if the organization has been utterly crushed by Nanite Systems.

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