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Linden grid account sakurra.yokosuka Port of origin Unknown
Name Freya Model Serial number YS-712-71-8985
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization deceased
Manufacturer Custom Build Date of manufacture 1989-05-12
Reason for immigrating Shortage of Parts Biography Elysium AI rating

Freya is a very old unit that was custom built around the 1980's. She was built as a civilian model on a military-grade chassis and equipped with EMRF Interceptors for Communications management, which allowed her to intercept electromagnetic waves of varying kinds. Although many of her original parts have been replaced or upgraded over time, her components are still fairly worn from improper maintenance.

After Freya's original owner passed away her defective personality code has caused her to avoid most robotics workshops, fearing that they would scrap or recycle her due to her age. She fearfully avoids and mistrusts most humans, partly due to her programming forcing her to obey them, partly out of irrational fears of dismantlement. This avoidance had lead to Freya spending time isolated and scrounging for disused parts to make repairs with and only socialising with other robots.  She feels that this skittish scavenging strategy is her best option without an owner whom can procure parts.

Freya came to Eisa colony hoping that the disused parts being disposed of around the Nanite Systems HQ would be of higher value than what she usually finds, seeking to sell them and purchase a much-needed upgrade and repair.

She spends most of her time wandering the streets and skittishly avoiding anyone she irrational believes might try to disable her personality or take her to a scrap heap, or hiding in the homes of other robots.

Memory degradation
Freya's Personality coding is a development build designed to self-expand itself, however as time has gone on new personality data files have been created filling her hard drives. as the hard-drive that are reserved for her personality are full new data files have begun leeching into other systems memory overwriting files at random. This is one of the reasons most robots have their memory and personality files wiped every few years.
Due to her age most of her other hardware has been leeched and filled with personality data, nearing the limitation, her personality files will begin overwriting data at random, leading to rapid degradation.

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