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Linden grid account raedels.gottfried Port of origin Shanghai, China
Name Jade Model PPD Serial number PPD-J4D3-3
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Department of Civil Works - Entertainment Division
Manufacturer Hong Kong Cybernetics LLC Date of manufacture 2016-02-03
Reason for immigrating Attempting to establish better relations with other non-profit organizations through the sharing of resources. Biography Jade is a PPD (Public Pleasure Android) model android, designed by Hong Kong Cybernetics LLC, at the behest of the Entertainment Division of the PR of China's Department of Civil Works. This model android was originally commissioned after a motion was passed to welcome pleasure androids into the PRC in the summer of 2014. It was determined that it would be best if pleasure androids were under the ethical control of the government, such that standards could be controlled, and that such services could be for the benefit of Chinese citizens, instead of a source for civil and cultural corruption. Since the program has thus so far proven successful and useful, in an attempt to build better global relations, the PRC is allowing the exchanging of resources through the Entertainment Division. To spearhead this initiative, Jade was manufactured as a new iteration of the popular J4D3 line. The Entertainment Division feeling that it would set a bad precedent if they were to send already used models into the new initiative.

Jade is a high-end pleasure android designed with a very robust chasis in order to survive field work. She is programmed with a variety of skills and can easily act as anything from a simple companion to go shopping with or hold a conversation, to a very capable consort. Her chasis is completely covered in Hong Kong Cybernetics trade mark "Synth-flesh®" which effectively replicates organic flesh without being suseptible to bacterial growth, normal wear and tear, and containing a fairly long life-span provided it recieves regular cleaning and maintenance.
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