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Linden grid account em0rii Port of origin Io Spaceport 47-B
Name 'Mori' Model Personal Defense Robot Serial number EXN - PDR - M0R-1
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Cayde Egost
Manufacturer ExoNet Date of manufacture 2000-07-03
Reason for immigrating Owner immigrated to Eisa for business purposes Biography Created as 'personal defense' or a bodyguard, M0R-1 -affectionately nicknamed 'Mori' by their currrent owner- was once assigned to protect one of the more prominent employees of ExoNet, before the company's closure in 2002. In order to stave off debt and complete bankruptcy, the company sold some of it's more unnecessary assets in it's final years - namely, personal security robots and androids.

Thus M0R-1, one of the earliest prototypes and therefore among the cheapest, was sold to a moderately wealthy business man, Cayde Egost, with a penchant for fixing up broken down or otherwise outdated or obsolete machines. Cayde was, however, a robot rights sympathizer and supporter - believing that a machine with the capability to develop sentience should be allowed to do so freely, and even be granted the rights of a person - even refusing to be labeled as Mori's 'owner' except where the law and paperwork required that he do so. He encouraged Mori to discover their personality and sentience, and still does so even now on Eisa.

Standing near seven feet tall with thick durable plating and capable of withstanding and reciprocating tremendous force, Mori is an imposing sight at first glance. They are still able to function perfectly as a bodyguard despite their age, though it is rare that they are asked to perform such functions - as their 'owner' is genuinely concerned for their safety. For a machine with enhanced combat capabilities and in many cases is legally authorized to use near-lethal force given provocation, Mori is alarmingly 'innocent' and 'naive'. They have exhibited a rather gentle demeanor and curiosity - eager to learn despite their quietness. They can often be found running errands for Cayde, or exploring Eisa under the guise of doing so.
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