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Linden grid account pseudo.exodus Port of origin Tau Ceti
Family name Exodus Personal name Pseudo
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Place of birth California, United States, Earth, Sol Date of birth 1987-04-18
Education and work history 2018: Missing, presumed dead.
2015-2018: Roboticist, Nanite Systems Corporation
2013-2015: Unemployed
2009-2013: Chief Engineer, NanoTrasen Corporation
2007-2009: Roboticist, NanoTrasen Corporation
2005-2007: Senior Facilities Engineer, NanoTrasen Corporation
2004-2005: Facilities Engineer, NanoTrasen Corporation
2003-2004: Electrician, NanoTrasen Corporation
2003-2003: Assistant to Facilities Staff, NanoTrasen Corporation

Various ISCET, ETA, & ANSI certifications acquired in 2002-2003. - See Addendum for full list.
High School Diploma acquired in 2002.
Genetic modifications Appearance of a dog-man. Is human underneath, though. Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Pressed into employment by Dr. Wright of NS Biography "Call me Pex. It's what everyone does. I'm not sure why. It's just a nickname that someone gave me years ago that stuck."

"I don't like to talk about my time with NanoTrasen unless there is a lot of alcohol involved. Just like my time with NanoTrasen."

"To the untrained eye, it might appear I am merely hiding here in a frivolous attempt to avoid the many duties that I, a Nanite Systems employee, have been assigned. So, before you go getting it in your head that I am somehow doing a disservice to this fine organization, I ask that you promptly move along and only return when that eye of yours has received the proper training."

"Time to die."
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