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Linden grid account groudonknight Port of origin Station 281
Family name Powell Personal name Brent Middle name(s) "Bahamut"
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Virginia Beach VA, USA, Earth Date of birth 9/20/84
Education and work history Salem High School
Virginia Wesleyan Collage
Chief Security Officer of the Space Station 281 (former)
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Cybernetic alterations Reason for immigrating To live a new life as a cyborg and to work for NanoSec Biography ((Story still WIP. Expect future updates.))
During his service in the Alliance Navy, Brent Powell was kidnapped by an enemy faction ((still working on the name)) and cybernetic transformed into a dragon-like cyborg, Bahamut. Before the scientists could brainwash Powell, he was rescued by his unit that came to rescue him and the other prisoners. After finishing his tour, Powell moved to Eisa Colony to live a life with his new body.
last updated: 2017-03-22 15:41:40
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