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Linden grid account rinshankouhai Port of origin Manchester Interstellar Spaceport
Family name McKellan Personal name Kenna Middle name(s) Ariadne
Affiliated organization The Landing Pad
Place of birth Glasgow, Scotland, Earth Date of birth 1988-09-21
Education and work history Barista, Caffè Nero, Oxford, 1998
Master's Degree in Classical English Literature (incomplete), Oxford University, 1998-2003
Bartending Certification, Dionysus School of Bartending, 2007
Assistant Bartender, Exotica, 2008
Assistant Bartender, The Grey Basset, 2008
Assistant Bartender, Sophie's Hideout, 2009
Assistant Bartender, The Bull & Bellows, 2009
Assistant Bartender, House of Hedonism, 2009-2010
Bartender, House of Hedonism, 2010-2012
Head Bartender, House of Hedonism, 2012-2016
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Full body prosthesis Reason for immigrating Acquisition of ownership of The Landing Pad bar Biography Kenna was born on Earth, back in Glasgow in the late 80s, and her life began normally enough. Precocious and witty as a teenager, she studiously pulled her way through life out of a constant desire to make her parents proud of her. She was accepted to Oxford, where she began the long process of obtaining a Master's in Classical English Literature; her parents had always been interested in myths and legends, and it sparked a love of history in the young Kenna.

Working and studying, never touching any vices, doing her absolute best, Kenna felt she deserved to achieve a steady, comfortable life doing what she loved. Fate was not so kind, however. In April 2003, her roommate's negligence caused a roaring fire to consume Kenna's dormitory, and she wasn't lucky enough to escape. Pinned beneath, of all things, an enormous pile of books, the dry old paper quickly caught, and Kenna was set aflame, suffering horrific burns to almost her entire body. Rescued and rushed to the hospital, Kenna was on death's door, but her parents managed to scrape together enough for a staggeringly expensive procedure: Full-body prosthesis.

Waking up in her then somewhat crude new body, Kenna was understandably distraught. She couldn't help but feel that, despite her earnest efforts to be a good person and a responsible daughter, the gods had laughed at her; burying her in her very own precious books and burning her along with them. During her nearly five long years of rehabilitation, Kenna grew increasingly bitter, assaulting her now-synthetic body with alcohol and cigarettes. After all, she thought, the parts could just be swapped out!

Once she was out of the hospital, Kenna wanted nothing to do with her old life of purity and earnest effort. and took to barhopping, going on rather a grand tour of Britain's lesbian scene throughout 2007. During this time, she became infatuated with the art of bartending, the romance of a well-mixed cocktail in a dim, heady atmosphere; a friend suggested a bartending school, and she threw herself at it without hesitation, trying to find a new lease on life.

Though it was initially difficult to master with her new cybernetic fingers, Kenna proved a natural, and soon graduated, landing her first assistant bartending position in early 2008. Though she loved the mechanics of the job, she never seemed to be satisfied, drifting from job to job after leaving because "the drink names were too tacky" or "the music was shite." After three whole years of nomadic job-searching, she finally fell in love with a single, discreet bar hidden in a back alley in Brighton: The House of Hedonism.

As the name implies, it fit perfectly with her new devil-may-care attitude, and she quickly took to the job with abandon, spending almost as much time toying with cute girls as she did shaking cocktails. During this time, she became more and more involved with increasingly kinky circles in the BDSM scene that served as the bar's main demographic, and her chassis changed to match, eventually settling on a sleek, shiny demonic red to match the sinful atmosphere. For once, she was actually able to stick with a job for six whole years, before an undisclosed dispute with the owner led her to an existential crisis. Sensing the return of her depression, she made a decision: She'd use her pooled money to buy up some bar on a distant colony, and leave everything behind, starting anew.

That colony was Eisa. Given the expense of relocation, Kenna is now here to stay for quite a while, whether she likes it or not.
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