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Linden grid account annagynoid Port of origin Tereshkova Station, Mars Orbit
Family name Fawn Personal name Holly Middle name(s) Malai
Place of birth Bangkok Area Date of birth 1990-01-01
Education and work history M.S., Simulation and Robotics :  Beijing Institute of Technology, China
B.S., Information Technologies Robotics & Artificial Intelligence: Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
B.A., Liberal Arts: Xidian University, China

1 year and 3 months working at a space based research facility, no longer in existence
Genetic modifications Cellular level modifications to remaining tissue to prevent rejection of synthetic additions Synthetic modifications Full body replacement, ( Cybernetic chassis integrating parts from multiple sources, life support systems for remaining organic material housed within, custom systems for slicing and defending her systems against the same. As well as systems interface hardware to connect to a variety of networks and unit types, The only organic part left of her being most of her original brain. ) Reason for immigrating Gaining experience, enjoying life and continuing education Biography Holly grew up on Earth, one of many daughters in a large family. It was a very comfortable but a cold upbringing. She rarely saw her parents if at all, spending more time in the care of her nanny and machine assistants. Her family quite rich due to her Fathers import export enterprise doing so well. It was well known but unspoken that it dealt with both legal and illegal elements of trade, and both on and off world.

Life growing up on Earth she wanted for nothing and felt quite detached from the rest of the world. Nothing changed or impacted that world until she was older. In her late teens she witnessed and interaction between her Father and one of the machine servants in his household. She had grown accustomed to how some were almost like people, even had felt an emotional bond to those that had helped in her earliest years. He treated the machine worse than he had the animals he kept on his estate. It bothered her but she said nothing and kept the experience within her and it only made her empathy towards the machines grow. It would also raise the distance emotionally between her and her fellow humans.

She would go on to University studies, finding life away from home to her liking. At first plunging into study of a general sort, earning herself a degree in Liberal Arts. In a way it was just an experience to get used to being outside the estate and around so many different types of people. Once used to the situation and comfortable in pursuing what truly interested her, she dove right into the study of artificial intelligence. She had always had an affinity for machines and went in with the goals of learning not only of understanding but to focus on repair and invention.

Education and the pursuit of it would take her to the point of earning a Masters in Robotics. It would also lead to her taking on a research position in an off world facility in space. Working towards earning her PhD, as well as giving her a chance to get close to the environment which she had felt most comfortable in since growing up. an environment with more machines than people. Even at that time she tended to be warmer towards them than she was to her fellow human staff at the facility.

Disaster would strike and end the dream abruptly, the facility was attacked by mercenaries working for a rival corporate entity. The secret work of one company being quite a valuable target to others. The facility itself was destroyed and plundered, most of the staff did not survive the assault. Holly was not one of the lucky ones and was counted among the dead. But the news of her death was not entirely accurate. Before succumbing to heavens light and passing from the world of the living, something had happened. A few of the more advanced AI units operating at the station had recovered her body. They had made there way off of the station during the latter part of the assault. Stabilizing what was left of her and making transport to a nearby affiliated station, and making contact with the corporation.

Her family was contacted and she was swiftly moved to an advanced facility where what was left of her was combined with a cybernetic body. She was revived and went through a long recovery where she got used to the functions and limitations of her new form. Adding custom parts of her own design and making sure with her family connections to acquire the highest grade of materials for construction and integration. Once again is she is a whole being, though very different than before and perhaps much more comfortable as well.

Now she finds herself immigrating to Eisa colony, in order to continue work aiding in her goal of eventually earning a PhD. She has decided to concentrate on gaining a position in the colony where she might aid in the repair and study of operational Units.
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