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Linden grid account eltchari Port of origin Earth
Family name Takashi Personal name Aoi
Affiliated organization Ne Co
Place of birth Poland, Earth Date of birth 1994-12-22
Education and work history Bachelor degree of Robotics and automation on the Polish academy.

Working 3 years as freelancer custom robot constructor

Hired by Ne Co half year ago.
Genetic modifications Three fox tails Synthetic modifications Mechanical arm, Ear pieces Reason for immigrating Research/Work Biography Young male born and lived most of his live on earth, always was interested in science and technology. He quickly graduated in the robotics, and then started working in the company, his personal favorite is augmentation of human body with technology , so was his first project. It was new better arm for him, it first started as just additions but then he decided to fully replace it with mechanical parts, next was his hearing augmentation.  He quickly developed additional ear pieces that boost his hearing abilities. He works as regular researcher and mechanics while working on his augmentations in free time
last updated: 2017-07-02 08:29:47
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