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Linden grid account cathy.wylder Port of origin Earth
Family name Harrington Personal name Brittany Middle name(s) Rose
Place of birth Prague, Czech Republic, Earth Date of birth 11-21-1989
Education and work history Bachelor's Criminal Justice from the The University of Alabama.  Graduated 2012
6 years as Special Agent in US Naval Criminal Investigation Service 2012-2016
Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Career based relocation Biography Brittany was born to Allison and Michael Harrington, her parents moved her to the United states when she was very young she grew up in New york and attended the university of Alabama and obtained a criminal justice degree. After graduation, Brittany worked as a Special agent withUS Naval Criminal Investigation Service. her last position was agent afloat aboard the USS Arleigh Burke.

last updated: 2017-04-02 12:36:20
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