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Linden grid account buffy.tachikawa Port of origin Whiskey City
Family name Fierce-Rain Personal name Sapphire
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Montreal, Canada, Earth Date of birth 1997-08-03
Education and work history Underground Pit Fighter (topless, mostly fists and knife), one on one, two or three opponents
Underground Pit Target (topless, hands cuffed in back, must evade whips, arrows and sometimes bullets, and kill her opponent)
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Nano-implants all over the torso to be found and punished Reason for immigrating Hopes to escape the hunters sent after her when she escaped the complex Biography Born in an underground community, started fighting at 12 and be a target a few weeks later. Left at 16, earned a living fighting, doing security, bodyguard and other jobs. Now wants to travel far, very far.
last updated: 2017-04-02 13:50:33
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