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Linden grid account autumnsounds Port of origin Portsmouth Shuttle Port - Terminal 3a
Family name Yue Personal name Autumn
Affiliated organization ZBR4 Systems
Place of birth London, Great British Federation (GBF), Earth Date of birth 1981-11-04
Education and work history Foundation degree in Rapid Fabrication.
Career: Freelance RF Design - lifetime.

** Known Convictions
Minor: Served 90 days encampment for performing illegal modifications of Nanite-Systems equipment.
Genetic modifications Numerous physical appearance modifications including cranial extension and epidermis pigmentation. Synthetic modifications Cranial memory upgrade. Retinal nerve replacements. Reason for immigrating Delusions of greener pastures. Biography Originally designed, controversially from her artificial conception, to order for an unknown person of considerable wealth with clearly niche personal interests. Autumn was rejected too late in the fetal development stage to be simply discarded.
Sporting unconventional looks she's been forced to follow a self-employed career fueled by a creative spirit.
As she travels from one port to the next she continues to find the next commission in hopes of not starving or worse... not being able to afford the next release of the Universal Communications Tablet.
last updated: 2017-04-16 10:26:09
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