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Linden grid account dahliadolleh Port of origin Metroplex
Family name Black Personal name Dahlia Middle name(s) Lynn
Affiliated organization NA
Place of birth Seattle, USA, Earth Date of birth 1989-05-31
Education and work history Highschool Graduate
Spotty Work History mostly in the Service Industry
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Synthetic torso modifications due to life threatening injury. Reason for immigrating Change of pace and scenery. She's looking to lead a better life with a fresh start. Biography Dahlia grew up in The Lower Plex of Metroplex with her Purist family. Her father was a mechanic and ran a small shop, he was often called to service older models of personal androids. When she was 19 her parents were murdered, though the details were never quite known to her rumors led her to believe it was a local gang robbery gone bad.  During this altercation she was seriously injured but was able to have her torso completely replaced with synthetic materials found in her Father's shop thus saving her life.

Since then she's been living on the streets selling her body in order to survive, constantly seeking information about the people who murdered her parents. She doesn't know quite what she'll do to them when or if she finds them, but she needs to know what exactly happened and why.

Dahlia is a major germaphobe, something that rubbed off on her from her mother, and so she's rarely caught without some type of mask/helmet on. She's extremely uncomfortable in dirty environments, made even more exacerbating by her chosen profession. Though her parents were Purists, Dahlia herself has not taken on their beliefs, instead she is fascinated by technology and sympathizes with Androids, especially since more and more of them are becoming self-aware.

** Update : Dahlia wound up being a favorite plaything of the local crime boss and as their relationship grew she was privy to more information. It turns out his father (deceased) was the culprit who ordered the hit on her parents. In a fit of rage, Dahlia murdered him and made off with all the money she could find in his home. She's currently fleeing Metroplex for her life, hoping to start over now that she's tried to avenge her parents death.

last updated: 2017-04-24 13:23:58
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