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Linden grid account seto.kardex Port of origin A.L.A.S. Station
Family name Garrett Personal name Pidge Middle name(s) Michael
Place of birth Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA, Earth Date of birth 1997-04-03
Education and work history Trained to become a pilot in the Galactic Garrison in Paradise Valley, AZ for two years, dropped out to join an organization whose intent was to help refugees across the galaxy. I have extensive combat technician knowledge and am a skilled pilot. Genetic modifications NA Synthetic modifications Completely cybernetic body Reason for immigrating I was told by a friend I may be able to do more good here with my technical skills, and a relocation sounded like a good idea. Somewhere more stable than a ship. Biography Pidge is the youngest of two siblings and always felt like he had to prove himself. After his father and brother disappeared on a mission, Pidge swore he would find out what really happened to them after not believing what their superior officer had informed his mother that they had no idea what happened. He joined the Galactic Garrison to learn whatever he could about the incident and to learn to pilot various crafts, but after a year he dropped out and joined a vigilante group.
last updated: 2017-05-03 18:15:24
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