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Linden grid account selena.nandahar Port of origin Transarcadia
Family name Nandahar Personal name Selena
Affiliated organization Hyperion Orbital Hospital
Place of birth New Orleans, LA, USA, Earth Date of birth 1985-01-12
Education and work history Completed doctorate education at John Hopkins University with a double major in Medicine and Genetics. Completed a Masters in Cybernetics. All in 6 years.

Interned and obtained first residency at Oschner Medical Facility in New Orleans. Second Residency at Olympia Clinic on Luna. Developed a treatment for Low-Gravity Induced Osteoporosis, mitigating symptoms by as much as 65%.

Third residency at Hyperion Orbital Hospital. Currently Director of Genetics.
Genetic modifications H-Gene (HX instead of XX. Full functioning female hermaphrodite). Several others considered proprietary and unavailable for public disclosure. Synthetic modifications Cybercomm Suite (Cyber-eyes, -ears, plus commlink implant, subvocal microphone, and encrypted quantum entanglement transceiver). Omnitool Implant in left arm Reason for immigrating Pursuing continued growth in medical expertise and development of private genetic practice Biography Selena had a rather unremarkable childhood. She grew up happy and loved and encouraged to pursue her dreams. Her desire to learn medicine was caused by her fascination with Bill Nye and his eagerness for science. She graduated 4th out of 500 in high school, and managed to complete 2 doctorates and a masters in 6 years. It has affected her health somewhat from all of the stress, but has treated it appropriately when it was over.

Selena's first internship allowed her to develop the social networking she needed to get herself to Luna, where she developed a treatment for a harsh malady that is common there. She was also on the team that developed the H Gene, and was one of its first subjects. She has adjust incredibly well to her new gender.
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