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Linden grid account niamh.palowakski Port of origin Earth
Family name Palowakski Personal name Niamh
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth London, England,Earth Date of birth 1980-08-14
Education and work history 1998: After completing general education to a reasonably high level, achieved an A-Level in Biology and Chemistry.
2001: Went to City, University of London, achieved a bachelors degree in Applied Genetics.
2004: Postgraduate, continued in education, achieved a masters degree in Applied Genetics.

2004-2009: Worked various minor jobs.
2009-2011: Lab Technician at Quixotic Exotics.
2011-2016: Genetic Technologist at Quixotic Exotics.
Genetic modifications Extensive genetic rebuild with rabbit dna. Synthetic modifications None. Reason for immigrating Looking for a new start. Biography Since she was a little girl, growing up in the most densely populated metropolis, she's always been fascinated by wildlife and Science! She has always been a bit happy-go-lucky and has had a largely uneventful life, casually working her way through education, before roaming through a series of low payed boring jobs she barely remembers, before finding something related to her passions.
Once part of Quixotic Exotics, Nimah was finally able to help comb through the secrets of life, creating a better understanding of genetic codes and how to manipulate them into a series of commercial genetic enhancements, both cosmetic and medicinal. Nimah freely used the very same enhancements herself. Eventually she went from a mere lab tech to a full Scientist! and around that time, genetic science had advanced to the point where she could really play god! It was over the following 5 years, Niamh's team developed QE's line of genetic rebuilds combining human and animal dna for various applications. Mostly revolving around military, police and personal uses.
Niamh happily tested some of the technology on herself to become the person she is today!
Eventually she grew restless. Mankind had expanded to the stars and there was so much more life to play with out there. Maybe even aliens!
And so she picked Eisa as an interesting place to make a new start for herself...
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