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Linden grid account naomah.beaumont Port of origin Laeta IV
Family name Macavity Personal name Niobe
Place of birth Pittsburgh, NorthAm, Earth Date of birth 2267-07-04
Education and work history 2 year college in general studies. Graduated spring, 2288, shortly after hybrid civil rights were revoked.

Built Midian City Dark Fiber Network (DFN) as a domestic internet service provider, mostly using abandoned infrastructure already in the city. ~2294.
Joined Midian City League of Engineers. ~2295
Drove creation of Lazarus Lowenstark Labs, Midian City, for League of Engineers, also Midian City. ~2295
Ran League of Engineers for 5 months in Midian City.  Participated in restoration of subway service to the island, restoration of locally generated electricity, construction of several AIs.  Became certified as a cyber tech, and maintained several local cyborgs. Built several as well.  Designed waste treatment plant, sea walls, industrial planning for island. ~2295

Emigrated from Midian City to Wake Island in early 2296.
Joined island racing syndicate and designed several fusion-electric race cars. Built and ran a racing team. Created and edited a reality vid about the team.  This and raising a child as a single mother occupied my time until 2317.

Cryonaut trip to outer colonies went awry. Ship was located an unknown time later.  Revived, Laeta IV, date AD uknown. (different calendar system.)
De-aged from a bio-age of about 50 to 14 (which is the age of reproductive adulthood for my species).

Cargo guard.

Odd jobs not otherwise covered:
Bartender, Cage Fighter, Guerrilla, Guerrilla leader and strategist, medic, intelligence operator, negotiator, essayist on the topic of emancipation for hybrids, investment manager, mechanic, machinist, inventor, child care specialist (mother).

Genetic modifications Second generation genetic hybrid (Feline (Felis catus)) . Near-infrared vision (comparatively poor color vision) Enhanced sense of smell. Enhanced balance. Tail. Fast metabolism. Enhanced jumping. Enhanced reflexes. Synthetic modifications Neural interface/network, prosthetic hearing (enhanced, even beyond my natural hearing, which was enhanced compared to humans.) Natural claws replaced with cybernetic equivalent. Magnetic hard points for mounting sunglasses. Partial carbon-nanotube bone lacing for better durability. Reason for immigrating Conveniently located. Biography Well, to cover what's not in my work history, I'm a cat. A neko, in some circles, although my own world was beginning to see that N word as a racial epithet after emancipation.  Most of my work experience was in a city somewhere in the Pacific ocean of my Earth called Midian City. Subjectively that was a long time ago now... 20-odd years.  For want of a better word, Midian was a shithole. Reading your history, it'd be comparable to your walled city of Kowloon, with more factional division, more violence, and modern (yours and mine) technology.  Things were beginning to settle when I discovered I was pregnant with my first (and thus far only) child, whereon I retired to a more peace-oriented lifestyle.

Wake island was roughly the same as your Wake Island, save that it had a well established racing syndicate under the control of certain Japanese fraternal organizations. It was there that I learned how vid production is done, because that's how WIR made its money.  My team was fairly competitive, and didn't suffer too many personnel fatalities. I lived with friends and lovers, and life was good.

I was in my mid 40s when the topic of emancipation came up.  I'm pleased to say that I contributed elements of the final agreement in my essays, particularly the inclusion of a period of indenture for hybrids created for work.  Here's the problem. Hybrids were made as slaves. Most hybrids, unlike me, weren't fertile. Full civil rights for all would have been an extinction event for us.  Instead, it was still profitable to make us, because makers would get seven years of our work for free (given certain restrictions). After that, our numbers would be added to the (then) dwindling population of humans on the Earth.

When I reached 50, I was diagnosed with feline triaditus. This is an age-related disease for felines, and is fatal within a year or two. I was also suffering severely with arthritis from years of hard use of my body, including multiple gunshot wounds. My son was grown, and had emigrated to one of the outer colonies, and I resolved to take a cryoship there, meet my grand children, and hang out for as much time as I had left.

I never got there.

I don't know how my ship wound up in Laeta IV space. I don't even know where that was, or if it was in the same timeline I left. (Portals complicate things.) All I know is I was revived and de-aged in the hospital there. Once released from the hospital with a debt almost big enough to warrant my selling into indenture (you knew it would come back to bite me). Fortunately I was able to secure an off-world job guarding cargo. It was considered a hardship post enough that it covered my debts. (Local interplanetary monetary exchanges are a puzzle I did not spend the time to work out.)
Having guarded one cargo and broken more or less even, I took the next job.
That ship hit an uncharted portal, remnant of the previous star empire and star republic before it, and is now in this universe.  I have no idea if there's any way to get back. Hell, I don't even know where "back" is, or if it's where I came from.  Even if it was, my world, my people are gone. There's not much to go back to.
So I find myself here.
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