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Linden grid account bluemendari Port of origin Tokyo, Japan
Family name Winters Personal name Cecily
Affiliated organization Brackman Cybernetics
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan, Earth Date of birth 2011-10-29
Education and work history Cecily has no formal education or work history. As a bio-mechanical construct, she was implanted with skills and memories as appropriate to her parents. She has combat and knowledge skills befitting a mid-to-high level private security officer as such, as well as an intermediate knowledge of cybernetics and genetic engineering. She obtains her money through a trust fund set up for her through her parents and the organization they work for. Genetic modifications Designer DNA composed of elements from her parents, highly edited and altered with room for on-the-fly modification via a triple-helix (as 'genetic RAM') Synthetic modifications Custom-built cyberbrain, internal skeleton, bio-mechanical 'grey goo' forming the majority of her fleshy parts, synthetic organs, recursive internal power core Reason for immigrating Want to travel and meet new people and see the stars and all that romantic stuff! Maybe buy a cute DAX unit~ Biography Cecily's father, Charles Winters, was an early adopter of early AI melding technology, having been a fan of the potential of the human mind when combined with that of a strong AI. An accident left him with the perfect opportunity to not only continue his work, but to undergo such a procedure himself. Cecily's mother, Jessica, a security officer working for the same company (Brackman Cybernetics), was injured in the very same accident, though her injuries were less grievous. Confined to a wheelchair for some time due to the loss of most of her lower half, she eventually was able to acquire cybernetic hips and legs.

The damage done to both of her parents left the still very in-love couple with few options when it came to having a child. With so many advances in science, they did what any (in)sane pair of people would do: They built one. The result of over two years of work and study brought Cecily to life, built from their own genetics and heavily modified to weed out potential defects, give her a body that wouldn't quit (thanks to her mother), and all of that wrapped up in a durable biomechanical cyborg chassis to REALLY give her a body that wouldn't quit.

She is registered as a human, or at least enough of one, with two registered parents, and while she shares both of their love of science and weaponry, she's eager to see what this Vision of Tomorrow has in store.
last updated: 2015-08-04 02:51:34
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