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Linden grid account reina.edenflower Port of origin Orleans Colony Space Elevator (US off-world territory)
Family name Desrameaux Personal name Priya Middle name(s) Jasmine
Affiliated organization Private business consultant
Place of birth New Providence, United States Off-World Territory, Orleans Colony Date of birth 1986-09-28
Education and work history Major in Security Protocol, Minor in Business Management.
Four years in human branch of the civil defense  force.
Private consultant for local colonial businesses.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Full cybernetic body, organic brain with enhanced connectivity and physical support latice Reason for immigrating Looking for employment with Nanite Systems (in character) Biography Priya Jasmine Desrameaux was born to a middle-class family on the recently founded Orleans colony. Educated formally at Orleans Colony Academy, Majoring in Security Protocol and Business Management. She like many young colonists of the new millennium completed four years in the largely ornamental human branch of the civil defense  force. After her service she took various lucrative consulting jobs with fledgling colonial businesses, earning a local name as a friendly but uncompromising advisor. In her late twenties she was stabbed in a mugging and tragically came down with a systemic exobiological infection that necessitated her body replacement.  Resiliently she has recovered quickly from the change and is ready to re-enter the work force. During her recovery frequented seedy establishments where she came across a non-operative SXD Unit, Fascinated she returned time and again to examine the broken down unit,  and the newer sister models soon becoming obsessed with the Nanite Systems Company and Eisa. She made up her mind to travel and apply to work for the company. After all if a cybernetic body is good enough for her to inhabit then why should they be traditionally just for robots. An ambitious pitch to a robotics company, but that was the drive Priya had to succeed!
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