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Linden grid account daniella.svoboda Port of origin Laeta IV Colony
Family name Waters Personal name Daniella Middle name(s) (Dani)
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States, Earth Date of birth 11/08/2004
Education and work history Decanted, Womack Army Medical Center Annex, Special Projects Bureau, 2004, as part of first generation program to create genetically hybridized military support personnel.

Accelerated aging of 6 years needed to bring her to physical maturity, during which she received operant conditioning to prevent her from engaging in combat or acts of violence and to instill in her obedience to military discipline. (It was not thought wise for first-gen hybrids to have combat skills until actual experience with their personality stability was gained.) 

This conditioning is moderately effective - she generally won't start fights, but will fight if needed to defend herself or friends and she can see no other alternative. Her personality is relaxed, low key and generally quite stable, though capable of intense concentration in cases where duty requires.

1 year basic military training and equivalent of independent duty medical technician/combat medic training.
1 year of advanced practice nursing training in primary care/wilderness & environmental medicine.
2 years of advanced practice trauma surgical training with limited orthopedic and neurosurgical experience.
2 years of duty as combination general medical officer and field medic supporting remotely deployed units of USAF and US Army Special Operations Commands.

- Her didactic knowledge acquisition was accelerated by implanted neural network; thus her training time could be devoted entirely to acquisition of clinical skills, which cut required training time roughly in half.
- Has knowledge base of a properly trained (but not academically distinguished) military physician with specialties of primary care and trauma surgery. Her internal neural network allows her access to to the equivalent of most standard textbooks of military medicine.
- Has experience level and skill of newly trained, generally competent general surgeon with rotating internship in primary care specialty.
- Has experience level and skill roughly equivalent to field medic who holds Expert Field Medical Badge and Combat Medical Badge after two years of duty.
- Has no publicly accessible record of any formal training at all, as training all done in restricted military environment. It was not felt necessary nor desirable to award individuals of her status academic degrees and in her role she had no need to hold a formal professional license.
- Has no knowledge of repair of military robotics.
- Has no combat training at all.
-Undocumented status.
Genetic modifications First generation genetic feline hybrid (Felis catus) created for noncombat military medical extended-range support role. Has feline tail and ears. Near-infrared vision and dexterity moderately enhanced. Sense of smell, balance, reflexes mildly enhanced. Moderately enhanced endurance to allow for remote and extended deployments. Due to high ratio of metabolic energy requirement to mass for first generation hybrids, her size is small as her intended role did not require significant strength. As a result, she has to eat a lot for her size. Synthetic modifications Neural network with stored library of wide variety of military medical skills. Neural interface to allow for communications with military networks. No combat skills or enhancements. Reason for immigrating Desertion from military service Biography Dani is the answer to an unanticipated question: What happens if you create a small, female humanoid, bred from birth to fill a noncombat military support role, deprive her of combat skills and legal rights and condition her not to resist physical force - then deploy her into remote war zones with testosterone-heavy troops?  Surprisingly, her designers didn't appreciate that in addition to her duties, she'd be unofficially tasked to serve - unwillingly - as a 'comfort kitty' for the troops.

Dani enjoyed her job and the military life, but was smart enough to realize that /human/ women didn't have to spread their legs all the time in bed, and sometimes they actually got to /sleep/.  After complaining to her superiors about the issue and receiving nothing but reprimands - some of which were physical - in return, she managed to stow away on a tramp freighter during a training deployment to one of the stations on Mars.  She's made her way to Eisa, hoping to stay under the radar and start a new life.
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