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Linden grid account cassidymcartie.resident Port of origin Cedar Point
Family name McArtie Personal name Cassidy
Place of birth Connecticut, USA, Earth Date of birth 1995-01-28
Education and work history A trained nurse and medic, although not a fully licensed doctor, she's worked as a combat medic in some of the recent conflicts, gaining experience with organic beings as well as cybernetically enhanced beings such as the armored infantry.  Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications none Biography Born and raised on Earth, she attended public schooling until she entered medical school. She got her basic medical training, qualified as a nurse, then withdrew from the school for reasons she has never divulged. Joining up with the military as a field medic, she has traveled to some of the more dangerous zones, recovering wounded soldiers, space ship crash victims and evacuees. She recently relocated to Eisa Colony looking for work in the clinic when she isn't out with a field unit, where she quickly met some of the locals and made some contacts that she hoped would be helpful (and that she could help).
last updated: 2017-06-11 07:56:05
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