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Linden grid account maritzzia Port of origin Cape Canaveral
Family name Steinhamler Personal name Marisa
Affiliated organization Formerly with Stein Transport and Logistic Services
Place of birth Houston, US, Earth Date of birth 1938-08-13
Education and work history Heir of the Steimhamler fortune and former board member of the Stein TLS. Retired after the death of her husband and passed the running of the company to the kids.

Genetic modifications Enhanced brain able to endure permanent conversion to a cyborg. Synthetic modifications Full body replacement, only her brain remains organic. Using the latest sexdoll and killerdoll mods, along with a few extras. Reason for immigrating Looking to start a new life in a new place. Also wants to start up a local branch of Stein TLS. Loves units, even though she doesn´t want to actually become one. Biography Recently widowed, Marisa moved to Eisa to start a new phase of her life.

Previously she helped run her family´s massive transport business, but decided on a change after her husband died, letting the next generation of the family take over the business. These days she muses with starting a minor branch of the family business based around units in Eisa, but mostly as a way to have some fun.  She does feel the future of space transportation will be based in units as ship´s crew, another factor in her wanting to move to Eisa for the foreseeable future.

Beyond wanting to extend her life (possibly indenitely), she chose to become a cyborg with a unit´s body because of her late husband. In their later years, once units as sexual toys were more socially acceptable the couple would indulge in using units in their sexual play. Her husband couldn´t get enough of units as sexual servants to the point that he died while enjoying their favorite unit maid. She turned his corpse into a mindless male unit and buried it and their favorite unit together, forever having mechanical sex in a secure underground vault. In her more morbid moments she likes to go down and watch them for hours, sometimes even joining in. But that´s one of her deep dark secrets, one the kids will never know!

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