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Linden grid account perytia.resident Port of origin Kepler 186F - Cygnus Constellation
Family name Freeman Personal name Crimson (Crim)
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth Cardiff, Wales, UK, Earth. Date of birth 1989/04/30
Education and work history GCSEs ~2000 - 2005~
[English ~ A]
[Science (selected A-levels) | Chemistry: A+ | Biology: A++ | Physics: A+]
[Mathematics ~ A+]
[Physical Education ~ A]
[Food Technology ~ B]
[Art ~ B][Geography ~ A]
[Business ~ A]
[Economics ~ A]
[Electronics ~ B]
[History ~ B]
[ICT ~ A]
[Music ~ C]
[Sociology ~ A]

University of Cambridge - [Major - Microbiology][Minors - Palaeontology & Botany][Graduation ~ 2008 ~]

[Microbiologist ~ Cardiff University Research Institute 2009 - 2013]
[Microbiologist ~ Kepler 186F - First Outpost ~ 2013 ~ 2017]
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications N/A Reason for immigrating Further education & work. Biography Born in Penarth, Cardiff to Professor Liam Freeman and Doctor Laura Freeman, Crimson's early life was heavily influenced by the passion of knowledge exampled by her parents. Through environmental development and genetics, it was highly likely she would be pulled by the curiosity of life both on Earth and in other galaxies. Since before she can remember she had always wanted to be 'an astronaut as well as a scientist', travelling to other exoplanets in search of learning and possibly meeting new species. It was rare when her parents found her distanced from a book or a laboratory. Her passion paid off in her grades and she immediately sought work in her local university research facility, helping gather data from those off earth, until she was offered a position in a tactical team assigned to the Cygnus constellation to learn of it's habitable benefits and nutrition, as well as any potential life that already resided there. Crim fell deeply in love with Kepler 186F, with it's rich, bioluminescence, despite the high level of gaseous atmosphere to humanity. It was difficult for her to part with her heart from home, but an email from her Cardiff professor suggested she used her small time of existence to keep on travelling and learning, so with that she set off again to see if her skills are needed elsewhere.
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