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Linden grid account shadowdragoncastle Port of origin Asphyxiation Point, Earth
Family name Burke Personal name Lukas
Affiliated organization Colonial Marine Corps (retired), Cyber-enhanced Mercenary
Place of birth Chicago, USA, Earth Date of birth 1970-07-29
Education and work history Kellsmith High School, Chicago, graduated 1988
Enlisted, Colonial Marine Corps, August 1988
Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, March 1998
Promoted to 1st Lt, March 2000
Promoted to Captain, March 2002
Retired, Captain, August 2010
Hired as Security Officer, Kensick Security Services, Jan 2011

Reason for immigrating Between assignments with Kensick Security; in need of a permanent living area Biography High school athlete and decent student, Lukas completed high school and joined the Colonial Marines for what started as a simple 2-year enlistment. He was quickly promoted and after 5 years of service, was accepted into Officer Candidate School, after which he was assigned to his first command unit. He has continued to succeed in his career, accomplishing missions with minimal losses. His tours have not left their mark as both legs and one arm have been replaced with cybernetic limbs due to mines and IEDs; he has also replaced his eyes with cybernetic equivalents and implanted a few others (air filters for his lungs, cybernetic heart replacement, etc). He retired from the military in August of 2010 and was hired in as a "Security Officer" for Kensick Security Services - a glorified mercenary unit providing private security to any who can afford it.
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