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Linden grid account namelesshominid Port of origin Titan X Space Station
Family name Greene Personal name Simon Middle name(s) Thomas
Affiliated organization Self Employed Mercenary
Place of birth Titan X Space Station, Andromeda Galaxy Date of birth 2003-10-15
Education and work history Education

-Combat Medic/Foot Soldier, Scorched Earth: 112th Division
-Self Employed Mercenary
Genetic modifications Genetically Altered Whitetail Deer Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Seeking work. Biography Simon Thomas Green is a Whitetail Deer turned anthropomorphic after experiments were done on him to enable him to speak, think, and hold memories like a human. His severe depression and loneliness due to an ongoing struggle with his nature led him to purchase his DAX/3 companion unit, Aiko, in early 2016. Whilst traveling between galaxies working as both a combat medic and foot soldier in a group of intergalactic mercenaries known as "Scorched Earth," Simon had a falling out with his comrades and was ejected from the group. He now looks for work in the Eisa colony, Aiko still at his side.
last updated: 2017-06-18 17:26:41
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