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Linden grid account esmedulac.resident Port of origin Nebuchadnezzar, Arah
Family name Null Personal name Escher Middle name(s) Calavera
Place of birth Miami, USA, Earth Date of birth 1994-10-18
Education and work history Graduated top of their class at Columbia University, (Degree in Gene Therapy, 2013)
Hacker-for-hire (2010-2015)
Currently a 'camgirl', also works from their traveling gene-therapy clinic.
Genetic modifications Animal genes (bat's head and wings, prehensile tail, cloven feet, stomach mouth) Synthetic modifications Right arm has been replaced with an augmented one (workplace accident) Reason for immigrating Wants to settle down somewhere Biography Born in Miama, Florida to a Mexican mother (singer for the new-wave band, Requiem's Threads) and a Russian father (head of experimental gene therapy at his own company, NullTech).
They/them pronouns, feminine presenting.
Their father discovered some interesting gene splicing techniques that allow the user to revert back to their previous state, if they do not take daily nanite injections/radiation therapy.  At age fifteen, Escher began using his labs to splice themselves, resulting in their slightly monstrous, half-animal appearance.
(additionally, when the injections wear off/before gene therapy: http://i.imgur.com/6s6SuvL.jpg)

Escher moved frequently during their late teens, briefly settling in Louisiana to be with their partner, Pepper Jax. Escher's father provided them with the funds for any and all expenses, even helping them afford their own ship (instead of simply using the company shuttle.)

Eventually, Escher decided to depart Earth, instead choosing to idle from port-to-port, selling services as an escort and 'camgirl', catering to those who were most attracted to altered peoples. Growing bored of drifting, and their father wishing for them to settle somewhere, however briefly, bought Escher a nice spot to stay in Eisa. There, they plan to continue plying their trades: escorting, dancing, and offering gene therapy.

(A note: the black-and-white skeletal pattern on their skin is not fur or a result of experimentation, but is body paint. Escher applies it every single day during their dosing period, to hide the extensive scarring on their body from augments that did not take and slip-ups in the lab.)

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