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Linden grid account baniihime Port of origin Moscow, Russia, Earth
Family name Leading Personal name Anya
Affiliated organization Russian Military
Place of birth St. Petersburg, Russian, Earth Date of birth 1990-10-07
Education and work history Russian Army, Enlisted 2008
Russian Army, Promoted to Seargent 2009
Russian Army, Promoted to Starshina 2010
Russian Army, Promoted to Lieutenant 2012
Russian Army, Promoted to Captain 2013
Russian Army, Promoted to Major 2016
Russian Army, Active Duty Retirement 2017
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications NS XSU Controller, Organic brain in entirely synthetic body Reason for immigrating Active duty retirement Biography Anya Leading was born to a military family (a retiree of the English Navy, enpassioned by the vision of the Soviet Union, and a native Russian citizen) just before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Growing up, she was instilled with Soviet/Russian patriotism and pride, inevitably leading to her enlistment in the military fresh out of her primary education.

Because of her drive and ambition, Anya climbed through military rank fairly quickly, but her rise began a cynisism that would lead to the end of her patriotism. Disillusioned, she requested active duty retirement, hoping to kindle a new passion on Eisa.
last updated: 2017-06-26 22:44:50
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