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Linden grid account lambypamby Port of origin New York, Earth
Family name Latxa Personal name Merino
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York, USA, Earth Date of birth 1996-09-20
Education and work history High school education, Graduate - 2014
Associates Degree in Fine Arts - 2016
Freelance Artist - 2015-present
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Organic brain in synthetic body (due to life threatening injury) Reason for immigrating Change of scenery / inspiration for work Biography Once described as a promising child, Merino was born to two university professors - her mother, a former employee of a leading synthetic replacement group, and her father, an engineer and designer. As a child, she seemed to do very well in all subjects, giving her parents hope that she may potentially become an engineer as her father did. Despite the encouragement towards this field, she decided instead to become an artist rather than follow in either of her parent's footsteps.

She specialized in metal sculpture for about a year, many of them being large public works, before getting into an accident with the heavy machinery used to shape some of the iron being used, leaving the majority of her body unable to function properly. Upon hearing this, her parents used the connections and skills that they had to create a synthetic body that would be capable of housing their daughter.

After leaving metal sculpture behind, Merino tried to get into many other types of art, such as ceramics, fiber art, and painting, but she was never able to effectively recreate the feeling or emulate the inspiration whilst creating these works. Eventually, the studio became stagnant, and she felt as though there was need for change. Moving back in with her loving parents was entirely out of the question, so she looked for possible places to go to bring back her inspiration, before stumbling across information on Eisa. Deciding that the upper class would absolutely enjoy the arts in their vacations homes on Eisa, Merino packed her things without a second thought, and left Earth for the far-off colony.
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