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Linden grid account darkchangeling.resident Port of origin New Columbus, United States, Earth
Family name Bolton Personal name Dawn Middle name(s) Penelope
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Columbus, United States, Earth Date of birth 1992-12-21
Education and work history Educated by her father's elite scientists.

Worked for Bolt-On Corporation.
Genetic modifications Though it did not improve her physical attributes, she was changed on a genetic level by an explosion that destroyed her life's work, giving her organic-crystalline skin. Reason for immigrating Escape her father and her old life. Biography Dawn Penelope Bolton was a genius when it came to robotics; her father taught her well. She was privately tutored by teachers of his selection to accelerate her learning, and she picked it up very well. She became one of her father's scientists, helping him create the Bolt-On BXX series, made entirely for warfare. The young scientist, however, was beginning to have second thoughts about the military application of the robots. She had been working on the A.I.s for them, and found some of them taking to it very well. At first she only gave them tactics, weapon skills, but Dawn soon began to ramp up to giving the field leaders personalities, so they could interact with the humans more easily. She found herself enthralled with this new level of life she was beginning to instill.

However, her father Benedict began to discourage this behavior; he could see that she would begin to sabotage the the line if she was given a chance. So she began to work in secret on her own robot. She took excess pieces. She crafted her own. It began with only a head, then a body. She hid her work furtively, so it would not be found by the other scientists or her father. She would stay up to all hours of the night, working on new aspects of the AI.  She would occasionally wake up the robot to talk to her, to make sure the AI was taking well to the programming. The new AI was something new she was experimenting with; It was based off of the stored memories of a girl who had died in a car accident, a friend of her's.

She told herself that she wasn't trying to revive her friend, but even though she did not allow direct access to the memories, the robot was beginning to show some of the stronger personality traits of the dead girl; once a boy, her friend had been transgender before dying. She asked a series of questions of the android, and found that it preferred the female form. Feminine hair. Feminine styles. Feminine pronouns. So she began to upgrade the body to match the android's personality. The skull of the robot was her finest work yet, modulating the chin, the cheeks, the teeth and tongue to properly move and pronounce words.

But her work elsewhere was suffering for it. She would take long breaks from her secret work, as her father began to dog her every step, forcing her to meet her deadlines. One of the other scientists began to grow jealous; she worked just as hard, if not harder, than Dawn, and she merely got a slap on the wrist for not putting in her full effort! She followed her, one night and found Dawn's secret laboratory, and sabotaged her experimental power supply, which had used a variety of crystals to create a more powerful, more stable battery for the android.

Tragedy struck. When she installed the new battery, there was an explosion. All of her work destroyed in an instant. The sabotaged battery exposed Dawn to a peculiar kind of radiation, changing her skin, turning it purple, sparkled, like organic gemstone. Her work destroyed, she escaped; she suspected her father of trying to kill her, and so, even as she changed in the aftermath of the explosion, clutching a wound in her arm, she escaped.

She spent a few weeks recovering, away from prying eyes. She saw her death on television. People thought she was dead. Her own father thought she was dead; good. She began to acquire illegal documents, going by her middle name now, and got herself to the Eisa Colony, to start anew...
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